Pine Mountain Cloverdale Peak – Wine Region

High Elevation and Premium Bordeaux Varietals

High elevation vineyards and premium Bordeaux varietal wines make the Pine Mountain Cloverdale Peak Appellation an area to keep on your radar.  In additional, the natural beauty and views just add to the allure.

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High above the clouds on Pine Mountain

One of the newer AVA’s in Sonoma County, the Pine Mountain Cloverdale Peak Appellation received approval in 2011.  The AVA sits high above the Alexander Valley AVA and the town of Cloverdale in an area known as Pine Mountain.  The current planted acreage totals approximately 310 acres.  Even though the name is relatively new to most, vineyards have been growing in the area since the mid – late 1800’s.

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Farming on Pine Mountain Late 1800’s

Learn more from Barry Hoffner, President PMCP Growers Association – Video

Elevation is big on Pine Mountain.  The highest vineyard in Sonoma County is in the PMCP AVA and sits at 2,650 feet of elevation and one of the highest in Mendocino County at 2,850 feet above sea level.  The average vineyard elevation in the AVA is 2,200 feet and the starting point for the Appellation is at 1,600 feet and above.

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Snow covered vineyards on Pine Mountain

Different varietals are grown on Pine Mountain but the majority, roughly 80%, is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon.  Other Bordeaux varietals such as Malbec and Merlot are grown in the area as well.  Not to be left out are high elevation European grapes such as Tempranillo, Ligroin, and Tannat.

Due to the high elevation the grapes experience long hang time that provides flavor and color development wine makers love. There are number of small labels from the area but several large wineries have stake in the area including Francis Ford Coppola, Imagery Estate and Jackson Family Wines.  A number of the wines have been more than well received and achieved numerous accolades.

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Premium Wines From Pine Mountain

The Pine Mountain Cloverdale AVA also boasts members growing olive orchards and other agricultural products.  The area boast natural beauty, rugged terrain and spelling binding views.

To learn more about this exciting area visit the Pine Mountain Cloverdale Peak Growers Association web site.

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