Welcome To The Town Of Sebastopol


The town of Sebastopol sits just west of Santa Rosa among rolling hills that have historically been Gravenstein Apple Orchards. In more recent times vintners have been enamored by the gold ridge soils and unique climate of the area with warm days and cool nights. These are a perfect combination for growing super premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards.

Gold standard appellations such as the Russian River Appellation, Sonoma Coast Appellation and Green Valley Appellation all come together around Sebastopol. The town is unique among its wine country peers in that the community has a very distinct bohemian quality with a focus on protecting the environment and at times running counter to conventional thinking.

Sebastopol is still a farming community with deep roots in the soil.  It is a friendly, peaceful and accepting area with a cute downtown filled with shops and restaurants. In 2021 the population was just over 7,448 residents. Sebastopol provides great access to the west county, the coast and redwoods.

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