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Welcome To Oakville


Oakville is more of an area than a town, but what a beautiful area it is. Located just north of Yountville and south of neighboring Rutherford and St. Helena. Here is where you will find some of the finest Bordeaux style vineyards in California or the world for that matter. Cabernet Sauvignon reigns supreme as noted by many world famous wineries such as Opus One, Heitz Wine Cellars, Cardinale Estate and Far Niente among others. Along highway 29 you will find one of the timeless and humble landmarks within the entire Napa Valley where you have to stop and pick up a sandwich and picnic supplies.

The few, the proud, the residents… In 20200 they had 74 residents, up from 70 in 2010. During the 1860’s it was a train stop in the voyage from Vallejo to the Hot Springs in Calistoga. By the 1870’s H.W. Crabb had created To Kalon Winery and planted vineyards in the area starting Oakville on its present course.

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