Bennett Valley Vineyards For Sale

The Bennett Valley Viticultural Area is a distinctive and lesser-known wine-producing region located in Sonoma County, California. Here is some background that is good to know when looking for Bennett Valley vineyards for sale.  Nestled in the shadow of the Sonoma Mountains, this AVA boasts a unique microclimate and geography that make it ideal for growing a variety of grape varietals.  Bennett Valley provides great opportunities for real estate investment and living the wine country lifestyle.


Bennett Valley Vineyards For Sale

Here is a summary of the Bennett Valley Viticultural Area, including statistics on vineyards and wineries:

Location and Geography:

  • The Bennett Valley AVA is situated in southeastern Sonoma County, within the broader Sonoma Valley AVA.
  • It covers approximately 8,150 acres (3,298 hectares) of land, making it one of the smaller AVAs in Sonoma County.
  • The AVA is characterized by a valley floor and gently rolling hills, with elevations ranging from 200 to 800 feet (60 to 240 meters) above sea level.


  • The climate in the Bennett Valley AVA is influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and its location within a natural gap in the Sonoma Mountains.
  • This unique geography allows cool maritime air to flow into the valley.  This results in in cooler temperatures compared to surrounding areas in Sonoma County.
  • The climate is generally moderate, with warm days and cool evenings, creating a favorable environment for grape growing.

Grape Varietals:

  • The Bennett Valley AVA is known for its diverse range of grape varietals, with a particular focus on cool-climate varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah.
  • The region’s cool nights and warm days contribute to the development of vibrant acidity and complex flavors in the grapes.


  • The AVA is home to several vineyards, covering a substantial portion of its acreage.
  • These vineyards have a reputation for their dedication to sustainable and organic farming practices.  They also promote environmentally conscious viticulture.
  • Bennett Valley Vineyards for sale can range in price anywhere from $100,000 / acre to $165,000+


  • While the Bennett Valley AVA may have fewer wineries compared to some larger AVAs.  It has a reputation for producing high-quality, small-batch wines.
  • Many of the wineries in the region are boutique operations that focus on crafting premium wines from grapes grown within the AVA.
  • Some wineries also offer visitors the opportunity to experience tastings and tours, providing a more intimate wine-tasting experience.

In conclusion, the Bennett Valley Viticultural Area is a hidden gem within Sonoma County.  It celebrates unique microclimate, diverse grape varietals, and commitment to sustainable farming practices. Bennett Valley properties have the potential for an excellent investment.  While it may not be as widely recognized as some of its neighboring AVAs, it continues to gain recognition for producing exceptional wines that showcase the distinct terroir of the region.

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