Napa Kicks Off Another “Classic” Harvest

Buyers Compete In Sellers Market, Spring 2017

So what are the current real estate values in wine country? The latest information shows continued price increases across the board. Even the median home price in Sonoma County has doubled in the last five years.... Read more

Things That Make Wine Country Awesome

Let’s focus on the positive. After more than a year of the most bizarre political theater in memory, it is time to put the circus back in the tent… at least for a moment. Your sanity will thank you. ... Read more

January 2015 – Trends, Insights & Analysis

In this edition we will touch on vineyard sales, an overseas buyer update, the 2014 crop, the drought and ways to conserve water, the winery market and permit challenges, a spot check (RRV), 1031 Exchange quick reference, and a few other interesting tid bits. Let’s get started!... Read more

Spring 2014 Newsletter – A healthy real estate market continues in wine country, higher grape prices, balanced supply and demand, and much, much more…

There’s a lot that can be said about last year starting with a brisk and healthy real estate environment,an improving economy and serious stockmarket advances. Closer to home it can be said that 2013 was a good year, 2013 was a big year, and 2013was a year where California crushed 4.23 million tons of wine grapes and prices held steady. So far,2014 is looking good too. In Napa and Sonoma Counties, the same goes for the sale of vineyards,vineyard estates and wineries. Buyers are interested.... Read more

August 2013 Newsletter – More Than Your Typical Harvest In Wine Country

As we are approaching the harvest of 2013 it is very clear that wine country is experiencing more than the annual flurry of harvest activities. Recent headlines in the media have documented the renewed interest in wine country real estate from lifestyle buyers and continued interest from industry players. Market activity is brisk and there is not enough quality inventory. Numerous high profile winery, vineyard and estate sales have taken place.... Read more

2013 Trends In Napa & Sonoma Real Estate:

2012 hit a milestone for the US wine industry, as the USA overtook France and Italy to become the largest wine consuming country in the world. While Napa is the most recognized wine region in California, we must understand that we are part of an international marketplace. A benefit of being part of the international market is knowing that Napa wines and real estate are held in high esteem within this global marketplace.... Read more

Fires Won’t Destroy California Wine Industry

Fires are still burning in northern California as you read this, and people's homes are still endangered. That said, it's time to look at what the deadly wildfires will mean for the region's wine industry, the most important in North America.... Read more

Harvest Still Going in Napa, Fires Still Burning

Firefighters from throughout California continued to make progress in putting out the fires in Napa and Sonoma counties Sunday. Officials said they were moving toward the recovery phase of one of California’s worst disasters... Read more

Drought Busting Deluge

With this years drought busting deluge of rainfall in Northern California, lets consider why a visit to wine country might not be bad idea.... Read more

Napa and Sonoma Wine Grape Prices 2016

As we keep moving headlong through Spring 2016 the final numbers for the 2015 harvest are in. More of a confirmation than producing any major surprises: Grape Prices Are UP…. Again!... Read more

Fall In Wine Country

Fall In Wine Country, Fall is a wonderful time of year as we begin to truly experience the change from summer heat towards mild temperatures... Read more

Looks like rain, maybe

Looks like rain, maybe - Napa and Sonoma wine country, California for that matter, has been waiting for an end to this four year dry spell... Read more

Wine Country Real Estate – Building Blocks

Vineyard Values - Sonoma & Napa Real Estate Essentials - Learning more about the building blocks / foundation of the wine country real estate market will certainly help when making a final buying or selling decision. ... Read more

Water, Wine, and Springtime

The great news is that Spring has sprung in wine country and it is a beautiful time of year. With that in mind we are going to talk about water, wine and springtime.... Read more